16 December 2016

Target Strata

I must admit I am struggling at the moment to concentrate much on PT after events of the last few days so I am grateful for the supply of quality photos which get sent in as it gives me something to post ‘quickly’



Thanks to Richard Smith for these shots of the demonstrator that Target Travel have been using over the last week on a few of their routes.

DF66AEC is a Mercedes Sprinter 613 with Mellor “Strata” bodywork more details of which can be found here


  1. with thanks to lee for this part of info that its last day was yesterday and it would be too small for them to buy it for there services though its a lovely little thing for routes like 94

  2. Netter than a similar size Solo as well

    1. So, is it neater or better? Or both!

  3. nice to see you got the fleet list for target travel all up but to note the 52 dart (GIG 7I59) is withdrawn as it broke down and i was told its going to be scraped, so that may have to be updated once its known if it will be fixed or scraped, also for the buses that are missing photo links i have two here for you
    Enviro 200 in new livery https://www.flickr.com/photos/71092681@N07/31770104775/in/faves-135245148@N02/
    a flickr account full of target photos (for the older buses) https://www.flickr.com/photos/89638268@N02/


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