09 November 2016

What a difference at Derriford


25th May 2016

Derriford Works Derriford Works

7th November 2016 Derriford Works

Most of the work has now been completed. The new drop off zone the right has opened this week. Where the ambulances can be seen on the left are the new bus stops which will soon be used by buses heading in the opposite direction. Since this photo was taken work has started on the new shelters. You can see how busy these stops get, so the sooner the new stops open up the better.

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  1. Great photos Graham which brilliantly illustrate the difference. Looks a lot more professional now, in recent years particularly 2012/2013 time the three stops there were notorious for over crowding. Looks a lot better now, will be interesting to see it in action with the new stops open


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