02 November 2016

New For Kernow

After the last couple of years has seen massive investment in new buses for Plymouth by both Go Ahead and Stagecoach its easy to take new buses for granted. However the arrival of brand new buses for First in Cornwall is very big news! The first ten of the new Enviro 400MMCs are due to enter service on Friday this week in their extremely smart blue livery.

Thanks to Tom Carter for sending as these photos: “The vehicle registration number is WK66BZA and the fleet number is 33476. These buses will go live next Friday and they're 10 of these with 3 of the ex park and ride Plymouth buses also resprayed in the same colour as the MMCs.”

First South West WK66BZA First South West WK66BZA

Thanks to Tom for the photos - which remain his copyright.


  1. Great to see Cornwall getting the initial 10 MMC vehicles out and about Prior to Christmas,Look forward to seeing them in Service soon,I presume the 3-08 plate Enviro 400 Buses are the other 3 , Nice to see other Cascades arriving as well, just a pity that along with the 20 New MMCs for the14/18 Routes that Kernow couldn't have kept the 9x 12 plates which are heading towards Bristol I believe,personally with some selected Liveries already in place for some of the Cornish Routes I think the rest of the Fleet should be in First Group Current Livery,I would like to see the Remainder of the Step Entrance Olympians make it into December would imagine they would be withdrawn around the 20th December when the School and College Services take a Christmas break,Thanks to Alex Carter and Giles Fearnley for First Group investing in Cornwall and thanks to Buses of Somerset giving a 2 Month Lifeline to the Minehead to Porlock service

  2. They already have a non route specific green livery. It's the same layout asceachbroute livery but with different colours for each
    There is only 1 Olympian left in service and that is due off next week.


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