19 October 2016

Cattewater Branch Line

I was actually looking for something else when I came across this little gem of a video:

A little trip to down the Cattewater branch in 150927 on a Branch Line Society / Locomotive & Carriage Institution charter train. First passenger train down the branch in 14 years. With thanks to Network Rail and First Great Western

Video by Kev Adlam on You Tube

Cattedown Branch The Cattedown Branch

The last train to run all the way onto the Cattedown oil depot as captured on camera by Matthew Carey back on the 16th May 2008:

Last train from Cattedown


  1. Thanks for posting this vid, Graham. A fascinating trundle down the branch. I couldn't, at first, work out where the starting point was. I had to replay it three times before I realised that it was starting in Friary, facing east.

    1. I must admit I had the same problem to begin with! It would be nice to see more of the start but its still a great little video

  2. Such a shame they are building over this line so it won't be long until it's lifted. It would be better converted into a cycle track at least then it isn't blocked and gone forever

  3. great video whats the situation with the branch now


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