31 August 2016

Megarider Promoted

A few Stagecoach Devon buses have now appeared with prominent lettering advertising their 7 day Megarider ticket:
Stagecoach 10496 SN65ZHL Stagecoach 10499 SN65ZHP
Stagecoach 10496 SN65ZHL
It does make sense as at only £12 is is very good value. The Plymouth Citybus ticket for travel out as far as Tavistock will set you back £19 or £17 for Zone 1 & 2. Of course Citybus cover a much greater area of the city so although it cost more for a weeks travel you can get to a lot more places.
It does surprise me that Stagecoach have not shouted a lot louder about their lower prices. When you see Citybus 42s coming out of Derriford with a full load every ten minutes followed by half empty Stagecoach buses it does show that Citybus are not under any pressure to cut their fares. It will be interesting to see what happens when the green travel pass comes to an end in December, and we are forced to either pay a lot more for a Skipper ticket or decide which operator to stick with.


  1. Quite agree Stagecoach should promote their excellent value Megarider but I do think they should expand their services to cover more areas as really it is £12 for only a few routes..Great if like me you are lucky enough to live on a Stagecoach route but not so for a large chunk of Plymouth who have no choice but to Pay 317 to Citybus.

  2. Perhaps CityBus should set up competing services in Torbay - our weekly Megariders are £17.50!

  3. The 7 day Megarider Plus ticket which is valid to Tavistock is £20, the £12 Megarider ticket is only valid as far as Roborough on the 1 and X1, so £19 for the PCB Zones 1, 2 and 3 ticket is cheaper although Stagecoach has the more frequent service to Tavistock these days so I can't image PCB sell many of theirs. Both good value though.

  4. has anyone noticed that the plymouth citybus network map on there website also shows the stagecoach routes now, and there marked off in grey next to the outer routes, e.g. 5/5a in green and 2/2a in grey next to it, i wonder why pcb put stagecoaches routes on there map


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