15 June 2016


With all the fancy livery designs around these days its often interesting to try and work out where the designers got their inspiration from. Richard Smith caught former Brighton bus GU52HKB on camera with a familiar looking white feature on the rear end…



At first glance it does look like the swoop. Since then the Citybus poster has been removed completely and the bus currently advertises the 78 route to Stanmer Park, presumably somewhere near Brighton! Hopefully it wont be long before these two ex Brighton buses get fully swooped.


  1. They must've had these for a year by now, how come these haven't been painted already? Surely another company's livery is more important to re-spray over than their own fleet?

  2. They really do look in a bit of a state and surprised they haven't been in the paint shop sooner.Look a bit out of place because of their condition so is there a long term future for them?.

    1. it was down as loan on the brighton and hove website but looks like its been taken off there fleet list fully now, not as loan anymore, so pcb should own these and be able to paint but maybe they will sell them later on?


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