16 June 2016

Former School Bus goes back to School

Former Plymouth Citybus 450 has been donated by Hedingham & District to a local school…

PUPILS will be able to conduct their own fun courtesy of a donated double decker bus. Cash-strapped Colne Community School and College was forced to think outside the box when it needed a new common room. So executive principal Nardeep Sharma contacted Hedingham buses' engineering boss Jeff Coward for help. The bus Hedingham donated has been driven to the school's grounds where it will be permanently parked up. It is open for pupils aged 11 and 12 who are in year seven to sit in at break and lunch times.

The low-floor double decker Volvo bus (582) started its life in London and joined the Hedingham fleet last year. At 16 years-old, it has been retired from service and was delivered to the school for free. Mr Coward said: “We like to support communities which we are part of, and we were delighted to be in a position to help The Colne Community School and College. This has been an interesting project, which will bring benefits to the school for a long time to come.”

Daily Gazette and Essex County Standard

  Plymouth Citybus 450

© Richard Smith

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  1. In ten years time this bus will probably be "re-discovered" and preserved !!


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