04 May 2016

Fleet News: Plymouth Citybus

Just a few bits and bobs updating the online fleetlisting for Plymouth Citybus

Currently withdrawn at Milehouse are Dennis Darts

18 R118OFJ, 19 R119OFJ, 20 R120OFJ, 22 R122OFJ, 24 R124OFJ, 26 R126OFJ

Plymouth Citybus 019 R119OFJ Plymouth Citybus 024 R124OFJ

27 S127FTA

Plymouth Citybus 027 S127FTA

31 T131EFJ, 32 T132EFJ, 35 T135EFJ,

Plymouth Citybus 031 T131EFJ

41 X141CDV,  42 X142CDV,

55 WA51ACO, 56 WA51ACU, 57 WA51ACV, 59 WA51ACY (being stripped for spares)

Plymouth Citybus 059 WA51ACY

Volvo B7TLs:

402 PN02XCC, 406 PN02XCJ, 407 PN02XCM,

Plymouth Citybus 407 PN02XCM

410 PL51LFE, 411 PL51LGA, 412 PL51LGC, 413PL51LGJ, 414 PL51LGK, 419 PL51LGX,

Plymouth Citybus 410 PL51LFE

438 Y735TGH.(being stripped for spares)

Plymouth Citybus 438 Y735TGH

Two Dennis Darts have been sold to Berrys Coaches, Taunton joining several other ex Plymouth buses, 34 T134EFJ and 40 T140EFJ

Back in service after accident repairs is Enviro 531

Plymouth Citybus 531 WJ65BYX


Also repaired is Enviro 136 which has had a partial repaint and seems almost ready for service although was still missing a few internal parts a few days ago.

Thanks for Richard Smith for keeping me up to date with his regular visits to Milehouse


  1. New Firstgroup vehicle orders suggest that Cornwall is getting 30 new ADL E400 MMC's

  2. I do believe Plymouth City Bus have a very Sharp Fleet now,with another 20 odd Buses New and Decent Cascades not Surprising Richard Stevens is an Exceptionally Good MD,Stagecoach are to Brand the 22 Service in Torbay Hop 22 and Refresh the Branding on the Hop 12 Ready for the Summer Season,No Service along Paignton Sea Front again which is Exceptionally poor Not to have even an Hourly Optare or Dart operating between 1000 and 1600 hours between Torquay and Paignton,high volume of Hotels,Geo Park and lots of Events on Paignton Green.

    1. It depends how you look at it. I don't think he's a good MD when I'm waiting 45 minutes for a no. 5A this morning!

    2. Here here! Swap to Stagecoach they are much better.

  3. Is 205 still being stripped in the raised depot (it was still there on Saturday) or has it gone for scrap?

    1. Yes, 205 still being used for spares in the raised depot.

    2. 205 was still being stropped in the raised depot yesterday (5/5/16) but could get moved away when there fully done with it which might not be long

    3. Target Travel Mini Dart NUI1588 is now withdrawn from the fleet and being used as spares due to it Blew an oil seal & lost all its oil and there ex Cardiff Mini Dart was going to get painted and used on the road but that one has too much rot underneath so its being used for spares aswell, and the last update to there fleet is that there Park & Ride MAN will be leaving very very soon as the new Wright Body Volvo Will Be Starting As Soon As The Livery Repaint Is Fully Done!

  4. hi ya just let u now that aline coaches off torpoint have now got there min low floor dart bus plate sn03 out on the routes 32,32c .33 ,I even been on it very smart clean bus ,I can tell u it is a lot busyer on the new route 33 .citybus are being hit hard in torpoint aline my mate drives route 33 ,he said if both citybus and aline trun up ever one get on aline couse owner well none in town ,think the first day in few hours he picked up 56 people with new bus used be 12 people all day he said with old bus

  5. 27 was still in service yesterday (9/5/16) on route 27. I saw it about 7.20am.

  6. 27 still in service today (12/5/16) on route 27. Sorry no picture, I was driving. Saw it about 6.05pm


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