05 May 2016

Belmond British Pullman

A nice couple of photographs from Barry Jones which I meant to post last week:

Some local railway interest!  The Belmond British Pullman (sister train to the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express) has been on excursion from London Victoria to Cornwall this weekend.  In between the journeys to and from London it has been operating local (expensive!) dining round-trips between Devon and Cornwall.  As an example, dinner and a round-trip from Plymouth on the Saturday costs £280 per person!

The rear of the train passing the site of Defiance Platform (closed in 1930) near Saltash.  The train was top-and-tailed with a Class 66 on the front and the two Royal Train liveried Class 67s at the rear.

Barry_Jones_160423_67005 67006 (T T 66027) passing site of Defiance Platform, Saltash (1Z79 1100 Truro to Plymouth), 23 Apr 2016

The train crossing Forder viaduct near Saltash, Cornwall.

Barry_Jones_160423_66027 (T T 67005 67006), Forder Viaduct near Saltash (1Z80 1231 Plymouth to St Austell), 23 Apr 2016 (1)

Thanks to Barry for the excellent photos.

I am always happy to show off any other interesting photos you have taken which you think may be of interest to readers!


  1. A first class off-peak return from Victoria to Plymouth is £272.60 - so dinner for £7.40 isn't too bad.

    1. Except that the £280 quoted was for a trip (and a meal) from Plymouth to Truro/Penzance and back - sorry if that wasn't clear. I believe the weekend Cornish break was in excess of £1000 but I can't see the prices for past excursions.


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