15 April 2016

Just a couple of pictures

Sorry its been a bit quiet here recently. but I have been pretty busy and also took an evening off for my birthday! Also, after a very busy six months, things are pretty quiet generally at the moment.
For this morning we just have a couple of photos of interest:
Plymouth Citybus 023 R123OFJ
© Richard Smith. Illustrating the fluid situation with some of the older buses with Plymouth Citybus, Dart 23 has been noted still in service. It cant have that long left, but it does still look pretty smart.

Plymouth Citybus 109
At the other end of the scale, Volvo 109 will clearly be around for many years to come, but the livery it carries will almost certainly disappear in the coming months
On another note it has been pointed out that I have not published my usual look ahead / predictions for 2016 yet! I could try and hoodwink you by saying I intended to make it for the financial year 2016/17 but clearly I just forgot! I will hopefully put it together over this weekend so it will finally see light of day early next week…


  1. i wonder how long the ex route 34 livery E200s in the old livery will last like that for? and ive also noticed 134 has the new pcb logo at the front with the two red livery logos on the side like normal.. so i wonder if that will get a swoop repaint soon seeing that it has the new logo there?

  2. 18 is still in service today (16/4/16) on 33/16. 27 also still in service today (16/4/16) on 35/35A/61/62

  3. i guessing that the enviros that are still in the old livery will get a repaint after the volvo?

  4. ill miss these darts, but i hope one will be preserved and i also saw 23 sat in the depot yesterday with some paper in the window

  5. Anyone else noticed that 520 wears Go Cornwall on the sides and rear but has a PCB logo on the front?!

  6. I suspect 27 will be preserved as the first green snd yellow park and ride dart


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