18 April 2016

Incoming: Plymouth Citybus LX05EYA

The London Darts have certainly taken their time to get to Plymouth but another one has now arrived at Milehouse:


Plymouth Citybus LX05EYA

Thanks to Richard Smith for the photo.


  1. I wonder if the imported London Darts are in any better condition with less mileage on the clock than the home fleet Darts that have recently been withdrawn (other than those with corrosion issues).

    1. You need to remember that these ex London MPDs were all refurbished at PCB a few years ago. New floors, re-trimmed seats, new cab seats, LED lights, fire suppression systems, DDA upgrades etc. They ought to be a good buy, even after their use in London.

  2. It's a shame they remove the IBUS systems from them :(


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