09 December 2015

Life After Plymouth: Citybus Volvos and Dennis Darts

Richard Smith took this shot of Plymouth Citybus 425 sitting round the back at Milehouse. Withdrawn from service and up for sale

Plymouth Citybus 425 Y828TGH

© Richard Smith 21 November 2015

Well along with sister 428 it has now appeared at Taunton with Berrys Coaches:

Berrys Coaches Y828TGH

Berry Coaches Y813TGH

© Dave Godley 30 November 2015

Another earlier sale to Berrys was Dennis Dart R113OFJ which as now appeared in Berrys livery and actually looks pretty decent:

Berrys Coaches R113OFJ

© Dave Godley

Thanks to Dave and Richard for the photos

It is believed that 3 more Volvo DDs have been sold on to Target Travel to replace their Olympians. I guess that they would need to be repainted before entering service with Target. More details if and when confirmed.


  1. Good news the Megabus Elites for Plymouth are on the way .Saw one in Sheffield on show .Makes me wanna be a Megabus driver now

    1. I believe Stagecoach are recruiting?

  2. A new Elite is visiting Plymouth today. Should be working the 15.30 departure from Bretonside on the M36 service.

  3. When r the Enviro 200/20d due to arrive in Plymouth for Citybus.

  4. Stagecoach are recruiting for local Plymouth bus drivers not Megabus though


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