10 December 2015

Incoming Stagecoach

When Stagecoach brought their own fleet into Plymouth there were a few rumblings of discontent over the age of the fleet that arrived, as they were pretty much just as old, if not older, then the outgoing First fleet that they replaced. Quite a fleet of elderly Dennis Tridents formed the bulk of the DD fleet. Stagecoach have promised a new fleet of buses so it was always going to be a stop gap fleet, but that hasn't stopped Stagecoach from bringing in newer Tridents as they became available from elsewhere in Devon.

Buses confirmed to have joined the fleet since the initial takeover are 17057 17058 18061 18064 18067 18068 18069 18070 18072 and 18079 with 18071 also believed to be joining us here in Plymouth. There have also been a couple of Darts joining from elsewhere in the SC empire: 34406 and 34777

Richard Smith has managed to capture a few of the newer arrivals over the last week or so…

Stagecoach 34777 PX55EFG

34777 23 November 2015

Stagecoach 18077 WA04CTF

18077 25 November

Stagecoach 34406 GX53MVU

34406 26 November 2015

It still seems odd having such a uniform fleet of buses all in standard livery. First never really managed this and actually most of us liked it that way, that said it does look professional and the fleet is pretty tidy.

Of the original Stagecoach fleet here in Plymouth, the following are believed to be ‘in reserve’ Solo's 47084, 47086, Tridents 17289, 17290, 17294, 17295, 17297, 17299, 17337 and 17670.


In additional news, it seems that the planned fleet of new Megabus coaches have started to arrived at Midland Red South, the main home of Megabus, for eventual deployment down here in Plymouth. More details as they are confirmed


  1. Minor point but the two Darts you mention were already Devon buses - 34406 has come from Torquay and 34777 from Barnstaple having been at Exeter before that.

  2. Further to the above, 34406 was a Torquay bus until April, when it was transferred to Barnstaple for DCC supported service 15X in Bideford, which Stagecoach acquired off Beacon Bus. 34406 then moved to Plymouth in October, following the DCC bus cuts, which saw the 15X withdrawn.

  3. 34406-34409 should be The Next Buses to be Replaced in Torbay a Couple could be Used as Driver Training Vehicles in Exeter and Plymouth replacing a Couple of The 20 Year Old Coaches being used at present, Hopefully South West will put a Request in For New Vehicles for the 2016 Stagecoach Group Order which may see Some Cascaded Enviro 200s Filter Down to Torbay from Exeter.........Do we have a Date for the New Exeter Park and Ride Buses and the New Plymouth Vehicles yet?.

  4. Exeter Park & Ride vehicles due for delivery anytime now, but will not enter service until the beginning of January.

  5. Coaches for Megabus are on the way.Seen one on the M1

  6. There was a 65 plate Megabus Elite parked in Exeter Bus station this AM. It has a big list of cities served at the top of the windows (not all of which are in the UK or indeed Europe

  7. Looks Good for the South West in 2016 around 60 odd Buses and coaches imminent between Stagecoach and Go Ahead,certainly a vast improvement for Plymouth to have such an Updated Fleet Profile,lets hope The Yorkshire Deckers which are Due in Cornwall arrive Very Soon,was in Penzance last week and Rode on The 1 Down to Lands End which was still an Olympian however on The Train into Cornwall I saw some of The Repainted Deckers also a Couple of The Manchester Tridents along with the Volvo BR7LEs ,it's Gradually starting to Take Shape Now,looks a Much more Professional Network.

    1. Rotherham just received new Gemini 3s for the X78 so lots of cascades from Yorkshire.

  8. Reported elsewhere as an update to the Stagecoach order (so cannot vouch for the accuracy).

    Alexander Dennis Enviro200MMC 11.8M Euro6
    26034-26038 (YX65 RCV/Y/Z/DO/U): Plymouth


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