01 June 2015

Fleet Listing Update

With the help of Richard Smith I have been updating the fleet list for Plymouth Citybus [Link]

The older low floor Darts that were withdrawn last year are slowly disappearing from Milehouse. Most of them are being reduced for parts and then the remains going for scrap but one at least has escaped. 14 R114OFJ is now with Berrys of Taunton for use on school runs.Plymouth Citybus 014 R114OFJ

July 2009

Plymouth Citybus 014 R114OFJ

My last photo - September 2014

Meanwhile ...
Plymouth Citybus Incoming Plymouth Citybus Incoming
© Richard Smith

Both 483 and 485 have received Plymouth Citybus names on their Brighton livery which suggests they may be about to enter service prior to repaint.

The other changes are updating the coach liveries, the last Solos out of green, and some tidying up with the training buses. As always any comments / corrections / updates etc are welcome


  1. I think Plymouth citybus should do the school buses up out of the London livery. it would be nice to see them yellow with the student link on the side again like they were on the volvo B10Ms but i bet it will just be a swooped bus

    1. Why would they want to dilute the yellow flash brand coming in with the new buses later this year? Why would it be "nice" to see them painted yellow etc. The students aren't daft they know what bus to catch without it being a special colour. This is not the states with dedicated yellow School Buses. IIRC Citybus were pulling out of dedicated Plymouth school buses at the end of this term. I'm sure they gave notice over 12 months ago but my memory may be wrong here.

    2. You're right; the contract buses 121 Liskeard, 122 Kelly Bray/Launceston, 124 Milton Combe and 126 Kingsbridge, this year is the final year of operation, terminating at July.

    3. so the buses that are running schools right now could join the driver training fleet or get repainted and into service. or even sold on

    4. I think some clarification is needed....the school services currently operated use normal service buses, not dedicated special liveried school buses.
      The London liveried double deckers which used to be dedicated school buses were sold, except for three which are now the dedicated driver training fleet i.e:- 441, 443 and 444.
      With the recent purchase of 8 Tridents from Brighton and 10 Darts from London, together with the 11 Enviro 400's due for Yellow Flash, there are likely to be a number of current buses withdrawn but it would be wrong to try and guess which ones they might be.

    5. 483 is on the schools today with out a working blind

  2. There was a Go Cornwall solo on the 25 on Monday saw it on royal parade whilst waiting for the 21

  3. Plymouth CityBus Dennis dart 10 N110UTT has been saved by the Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group. Dart 10 will be used for rally's for people who are disabled

  4. Ex Brighton Trident 487 has been painted in the swoop livery and should be outshopped soon.


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