29 May 2015

Hitting the road

The first of the recent additions to the Citybus fleet have hit the road this week…

The Dennis Darts are already red enough for now so are being placed into service once their blinds have been sorted out and Go Cornwall names have been added.

Plymouth Citybus 252
Meanwhile the Dennis Tridents are undergoing full refurbishment and repainting before they hit the road. 481 is first out.
Plymouth Citybus 481 PK02RFL
Both pics © Richard Smith
485 and 487 are both in the body shop at the moment.


  1. Since I passed comment about the no smoking signs left on the windows of 481, it is only right to note that the photo above shows that they were removed before service. Well done PCB!

  2. i was talking to the driver of 481 yesterday and he said the passengers seem very happy about the Ride and the Bus. so it does look like when the rest of the Tridents come out in service a lot more people will be happy

  3. Michael Hudson PCB Dest Blinds Team29 May 2015 at 20:55

    481 is the best and fastest decker i have driven in 20 years! it absolutely flies up hills! if you havent already been on it, go for a trip and see for yourself! the passengers were commenting on my 51/51a how nice the bus was and the amount of buggy space available. this coming from passengers that normally wouldnt know the difference between one decker and another!

    1. i agree with you Michael. best bus to drive and zooms up hills like there not there. a lot of the passengers could tell too


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