13 March 2015

Colourful Citybus Conformity

Five Photos for Friday...

We round off the week with photo feature. There was a time when the bus scene in Plymouth was heading towards a very bland conformity when both Plymouth Citybus and First were buying almost identical buses with Mercedes breadvans and Dennis Dart / Plaxton Pointers. One of the few ways to make this a little bit more interesting was to plaster the Darts with all over adverts. Luckily for us the buying policy for both companies soon separated out giving us different buses again. Representing the Plymouth Citybus Pointer fleet we have five T Reg Darts in advert wraps covering a period between May 2007 and March 2012. Plymouth Citybus 040 T140EFJ

40 T140FJ May 2007

Plymouth Citybus 038 T138EFJ

38 T138EFJ October 2007

Plymouth Citybus 039 T139EFJ

39 T139EFJ June 2009

Plymouth Citybus 034 T134EFJ

34 T134EFJ August 2010

Plymouth Citybus 29 T129EFJ

29 T129EFJ March 2012

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  1. Concerning that the driver of 34 (Aug 2010) isn't paying any attention to the road, instead focusing on reading the running card...! Driving without Due Care and Attention at the very least!

    1. think you might find he could be stopped in a layby judging by road markings! look at the bigger picture dude!

  2. i do miss the darts on the 50

  3. then you are probably the only one that does!


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