05 January 2015

Target Travel Transformation?

Target Travel seem to have turned a corner recently with a much more professional look and feel about them than has been the case for some time now. The last few months has seen a few newer buses join the fleet all nicely presented in the smart new livery. The bus fleet has very recently also started carrying fleet numbers which I for one always like to see!


©Derek Cuff 03 VO03PLV Dennis Dart on the 56


©Derek Cuff. 16 YJ55YHK Optare Solo, the other bus that has been in use on the Dartmoor Pony routes this week.

Targeting quality ©Nick Rice Y488VRH Dennis Dart before fleet numbers added. (This is now Number 04)

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  1. i like the look of the solo bus.

  2. Do Target still have ex Citybus Dart No 116, L116 YOD ?

  3. Yes, it operates on the Tesco / ASDA shopper buses


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