10 December 2014

Busy Days…

Recovery Accident

A MAN has been injured after a bus fell on him while being repaired at the road side. The incident happened at around 10.40am in Fore Street, Callington. Police said the Citybus vehicle was on a jack and the man became trapped while carrying out a repair at a bus stop. A spokesman for Citybus said that the man involved worked for a breakdown recovery company.

The Herald

Lets hope that the injuries are not too severe and he makes a full recovery. It does highlight just how dangerous the job can be from time to time.

Bus and Car Accident

A CRASH between a bus and a car on Western Approach is blocking the road this morning. The smash happened shortly after 9am at the junction with Mayflower Street.

The Herald

Professional Job

Received a nice note from Peter Murnaghan who pointed out just how well organised the changeover from Western Greyhound to Plymouth Citybus was:

Plymouth Citybus appear to have been very professional in their takeover of the Western Greyhound vehicles and operations out of Liskeard. The acquired Solos that I saw yesterday and today had already been renumbered into the Citybus series. Curiously, although the new 208 had had its fleet names removed, its route branding for routes 524-526 remained above the windows yesterday. But, a good start, marred only by the RTA on the A38 this morning which was hitting reliability, but would have affected Western Greyhound just as badly.


208 still with route branding above the windows


220 shows off her new fleetnumber whilst loading for the 574 to Callington


204 in red also on on the 574

All photos above © Peter Murnaghan - with thanks.

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  1. Does anyone know if "Go Cornwall" be accepting the Ride Cornwall combined bus and rail day ticket. I am pretty sure Plymouth Citybus currently do not?

    1. No they don't at the moment, why don't you phone them and ask if they plan too?

  2. Thanks for the information. It is a shame that they do not accept this ticket as it will result in the value of it being gradually eroded away unless they can somehow be brought into the scheme. I don't think ringing them will achieve very much I am afraid as this non acceptance has been going on for some while now, but thanks all the same.

    1. Non acceptance is because they are not part of the scheme, there was no real need to be as they had a very limited presence on the cornish border, now it's different, and they won't know people are interested in it until someone asks??


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