22 November 2014

New Timetables: First Plymouth 6

This coming weekend sees quite a few timetable changes for both Plymouth Citybus and First. We now turn to First Plymouth for theirs, covering all their changes over a few posts during the day...

6 Royal Parade - Lipson Vale - Efford - Marsh Mills

Service 6 City Centre - Lipson - Efford - Laira/Sainsbury's (from Sunday 23 November) Improvements include:
  • New half hourly buses on Sundays and public holidays
  • After many requests from customers, from Monday to Saturday, two journeys an hour will now be extended to serve Sainsburys at Marsh Mills
  • From Monday to Saturday, there will be an extra evening journey back from the city centre leaving at 19.00 along with several extra early morning trips from Efford to the city centre.
  • Fares will be pegged at £1 for any single journey on the route including to Sainsburys


First Service 6 Booklet

First 6 Map

First 42784 S684SNG


  1. that's good news for me

  2. Hurrah, it's so obvious I don't know why they didn't do this to begin with. Turning around next to the Laira flyover was always a waste of time, I never saw anyone get on there and the bus just sits there.

  3. it was truning point for the bus ,bet citybus hate now first 6 run on sundays now


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