22 November 2014

New Timetables First Devon 79

This coming weekend sees quite a few timetable changes for both Plymouth Citybus and First. We now turn to First Plymouth for theirs, covering all their changes over a few posts during the day...

79 Tavistock - Gunnislake - Callington

Service 79 Callington - Gunnislake - Tavistock (from Monday 24 November) Following on from the introduction of the school service earlier this year , this route has now been extended to provide a daytime link between Callington and Tavistock. The service will run approximately every 2 hours.


First Service 79 Leaflet

First 79 Fares

This is by far the most interesting change as its a direct fight with Plymouth Citybus' own service 79. First only operate every other hour with just 6 runs in both directions against Plymouth Citybus every hour providing 12 runs each direction and also five runs on Saturdays. The First service leaves Tavistock 5 mins before Citybus from Tavistock, and taking the direct route so arriving at Callington almost half an hour quicker. It does seem an odd route for such competition!

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  1. It is an interesting route to compete on but maybe with First operating commercially here, CCC will not be able to fund Citybus 79. It seems to me Citybus funded 79 and 11 is probably keeping their operations going at Tavistock. If funding is pulled, Citybus could be making big losses here and may have to pull the 42 out as well?


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