07 October 2014

Warminster 2014

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Recommended Reading

  • IAN VISITS: Special train service on the Central Line No, I didn’t plan to photograph the train, I just happened to be in the station when I noticed the forthcoming special train, so decided to skip a few normal trains to see if it was anything interesting. I nearly wet myself though — not from geekish excitement, but because the delay proved perilous following a fourth cup of coffee earlier
  • FOCUS TRANSPORT: WARMINSTER NEXT SUNDAY With approximately 40 vehicles providing free rides over 20 routes and buses departing approximately every 5 minutes, we suspect that once again this is going to be one of the biggest vintage bus running days in the country
  • NORWICH BUSES: Sanders Update - Reregistations and Wright Cadet update we can provide you a list of vehicles which have recently seen re-registration.
  • STEVES BUS AND TRAIN PAGE: It's A Blog's Life (And Photo First) When I started this little venture nearly a year ago I admit I was pretty naive as to some of the problems I would face X1 E400 First Anniversary Special On 30th September last year everyone was rather excited. The future had arrived on the X1 with the first batch of brand spanking new Alexander Dennis E400 superbuses, launched in a fanfare of trumpets and rhetoric proclaiming sumptuous leather seats, soothing air chill, free WiFi and a far superior travel experience than those tired old Volvo B9 Geminis they replaced.
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT EXPERIENCE: Funiculì, Funiculà [2] A scheme was proposed in 1890 but rejected by the worthy citizens of Babbacombe, probably as such a garish attraction would impinge on the seclusion of this isolated spot. But the Torquay Tramway Company had another go and the service began amongst much civic jollification on 1st April 1926. U's a Clever Boy, then? Part the First And pre baked beans in Cornwall! 12 months before the lads in bonny Scotland came up with the idea of actually gifting tins of the orange ambrosia to its potential student customers ...
  • GREAT YARMOUTH BUS PAGE: Photo Special ~ Ex Jersey Darts I have come up with the idea to bring you all a post on the ex Jersey Dennis Dart SLF Caetano Slimbuses as they are being sent elsewhere in First when our brand new Wright Streetlites arrive
  • ANDYS BUS BLOG: Showbus 2014: Bus selection - part 3 Today we conclude the main part of our coverage of Showbus 2014 with the last part of the 'Bus selection' series, it includes a mix of both vintage and modern buses that attended the event at Duxford IWM on Sunday 21st September,
  • BRITISH BUS BUGLE: Council check: Gloucestershire County Council This week, it's the turn of Gloucestershire County Council to tell us about the bus services on their patch.
  • LANCASTER OMNIBUS: The Buses Have Started Talking to Me! he was surprised yesterday as his 555 approached Carnforth Railway Station to hear a voice in his ear announcing: "The next stop is Carnforth, Haws Hill. Change here for service 51 to Silverdale and for trains to Barrow-in-Furness and Leeds. Please ring the bell if you wish to alight."

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