06 October 2014

Not green–but pink

It seems that rumours of green fronts for the next batch of Park & Ride repaints were just that- rumours!
The first repainted B7 is 60910 and features the same bright pink front as the other Park & Ride buses. I know opinion is divided on these but I rather like them. If anything it suits these single deckers better than the doubles...

Marmite matters.......

© Nick Rice [cc]

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  1. Just using up the leftover paint from the torpoint tamar link buses! Hardly a investment

  2. Bit more than just a lick of paint, if you take a ride it's been re-panelled re-sprayed and all the interior has been re-fitted and re-trimmed in e-leather. Looks really smart. For a long time people have knocked First for running scruffy buses you can't now knock them for smartening up what they have. At least the new boss at Plymouth seems to be trying to do something in Plymouth rather than just running the place down!


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