24 October 2014

Torpoint Treated

First Devon & Cornwall continue their run of positive service changes:

NEWS: Bus service changes and new fare offering in Torpoint will provide improved links to new health centre

Changes are being made to services operated by First in Torpoint provide better bus connections for staff and patients using the town’s new health centre which is due to open in the New Year.

From Sunday 2 November, changes to Services 81 from Plymouth to Torpoint and Inswork will enable journeys to serve the health centre in Trevol Road.

The Monday to Friday timetable is being revised with most journeys now terminating at HMS Raleigh. Buses from Torpoint Ferry will serve Great Park every 30 minutes alternating with direct buses which will miss out Great Park on their way to HMS Raleigh. These will run to the ferry on their return. The Saturday timetable will remain unchanged apart from some slight re-timings to early evening services. The Sunday services will be unaffected by the changes.

At the same time a new £1 fare (50p for those age 5-18 or NUS card holders of any age) will be introduced for all single trips on the 81 between the Torpoint Ferry Terminal (Torpoint side) and HMS Raleigh.

Commenting on the changes, Paul Smith, First Devon’s Operations Manager said: “Feedback about these changes have been very positive so far. This is good news for Torpoint as it will mean staff and patients going to and from the health centre will have peace of mind in knowing that there will be regular bus services to ensure they arrive on time for work and for their appointments.

“The other good news is that we are introducing a new £1 fare for all single trips within Torpoint and we hope this will encourage people, especially those who are not currently First customers or have not travelled on public transport for a while, to reconsider using our buses for their local journeys.”

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  1. Well Done First for being proactive here. Service set up for new medical centre before it opens, It really does seem like First have got a new air of confidence about them now and are no longer in 'closedown mode' The £1 flat Torpoint fare is a great idea too and should entice customers off the 32.

  2. Or could it be that first are trying to wring out as much revenue as they can, don't forget the majority of trips in torpoint citybus make are tendered so they make money even if empty, first need to make there commercial routes pay, just a thought.


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