25 September 2014

Kingsbridge Album Part 1

As promised we have the first set of photos taken by Richard Smith at Kingsbridge on Saturday starting with a selection of single deckers...
Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014 Kingsbridge 2014

Recommended Reading

  • FOCUS TRANSPORT: NOT ON THE YORKSHIRE BUSES A recent television series titled "On the Yorkshire Buses", featured management, staff and the buses of the East Yorkshire Motor Services bus company. The eight episodes concentrated on the depots at Hull and Scarborough. Included were frontline routes in both locations plus the seafront services at Scarborough. The series was aired during August and September. NEW EUROPEAN NETWORK FROM megabus.com Significant growth in the popularity of low-cost inter-city coach travel in Europe is to see market-leading operator megabus.com launch a new network of services in the Benelux region from next month and open a dedicated base in Belgium. THE GREENEST EUROPEAN BUS COMPANY GROWS BIGGER The Mayor and Transport for London (TfL) are to expand London's bus retrofit programme, already the largest in the world, with a further 400 vehicles, bringing the total number of buses fitted with this bespoke technology up to 1,800.
  • STEVES BUS AND TRAIN PAGE: GA Delays Round Up. It was all going so well last week, with no major delays apart from the odd safety inspection causing 10 min delays. A tweet from GA even went up proclaiming no short formed trains one evening. All was well with the world. Then on Friday Mother Nature said oh no you don't and stepped in with a vengence. News Round Up Extra. However, it has the biggest and most well laid out reference section to blogs around the country I have seen on any blog, and Graham is obviously a man of very good taste, as yesterday this blog was on top of the pile!
  • NORWICH BUSES: First Norfolk & Showbus Special - 2014 Part One Yesterday was most definitely the most exciting day of the enthusiast's calender: Showbus. Showbus is the world's largest bus and coach gathering, consisting this year of over 400 buses and coaches and visited by the masses.
  • GREAT YARMOUTH BUS PAGE: Fleet Update ~ First Plaxton Presidents 32201 LT52WTF and 32202 LT52WTG have now been transferred to FirstNorwich.
  • IPSWICH BUS BLOG: SHOWBUS SELECTION all of Ensign's recent projects wear parked outside the next hangar including the brilliant restoration of the Scania Metropolitian,
  • DENNIS BASFORD: ‘Scene’ at ‘Showbus 2014' The ‘Olympus’ body has had a checkered build background during its relatively short production life. Starting out as an ‘East Lancs Coachbuilders’ product. Then coming from ‘Darwen’ until finally finishing up in the ‘Optare’ stable.

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