22 September 2014

Kingsbridge 2014

This last weekend saw another excellent Kingsbridge Running Day. The weather was great and the event was extremely popular with both enthusiasts and the general public alike. The few photos below give a flavour of the event and show just how busy it was.
DOD518 Kingsbridge Running Day Kingsbridge Running Day Kingsbridge Running Day
With such large crowds and a lot of buses coming and going alongside the regular bus services which use the bus station, it took a lot of work to keep things moving and the crew of volunteers did an excellent job. When you see such a well run operation in progress you really do appreciate the amount of hard work which goes into putting an event like this on.
A special thank you also to the drivers who managed to get their buses down some incredibly narrow lanes - just one of the things which make this event so special.
I will have a few more photos from the day over the next week.
I know where I will be on the 19th September 2015!

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  1. Indeed it really was a great day. As you say, some extremely tight country lanes certainly proved a challenge for the drivers - though made it all the more enjoyable! It was a fantastic day out, with a massive thanks to the organizers for their tremendous efforts to make the day the success it was, and of course to all the vehicle owners who brought their buses along - it was a very enjoyable day. Highly recommended!

  2. Great pics, Graham, and thanks for the kind words - would you mind if we used a shot or two on our blog (with link/credit of course)?

    1. Yes of course you can! If you click through to photos to my Flikcr account you will see all of mine, along with those from Richard Smith which will appear here tomorrow.


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