04 September 2014

An Influential Life After Plymouth

I was running through my usual reading list when I recognised an old friend. Looking just as it did when it left Plymouth, South Gloucestershire Bus & Coach Volvo G614OTV in full Student Link livery was noted on the 3rd September

The next photo was of an much older Volvo / Alexander bus in the form of A288TSN a former Tayside bus, in the same livery! You could also argue that the less than subtle door conversion carries a hint of Plymouth too...

G614OTV, Patchway 03/09/14

© Stewart Graham 'MCW 1987'

A288TSN, Patchway 03/09/14

© Stewart Graham 'MCW 1987'

Thanks for permission to use the photos. As always I receommend you take the time to click through to the Flickr photostream and explore some of his other photos.

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  1. The majority of the school bus fleet are now in this livery!


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