03 September 2014

A Brief Stay

Ross Newman, of EnsignBus (dealer) posts a very useful monthly update of buses going through his business, which for August includes several Volvo B7TLs from Plymouth Citybus:

X547EGK [451] seen here at Ensign 8th August

X152FBB [445]

X153FBB (not allocated any number - probably never arrived in Plymouth?)

X167FBB [446]

Plymouth Citybus
©Richard Smith

X168FBB [447] seen here at Milehouse 27 December 2013

X169FBB [448]

Y703TGH [452] seen here at Milehouse 27 December 2013

Y734TGH (not allocated any number - probably never arrived in Plymouth?)

Y737TGH (not allocated any number - probably never arrived in Plymouth?)

Y738TGH (not allocated any number - probably never arrived in Plymouth?)

Y826TGH [453] 1st September noted with Black Velvet Travel registered S6BVT looking very different to its very brief Plymouth days

It remains to be seen if and what double deckers come to take their place in Plymouth

Recommended Reading

  • RICHARDS TRAM BLOG: Beijing I have recently been on a visit to China and Pyongyang, DPRK, which was very interesting and enjoyable. Most people are aware I am not a trolleybus fan, but had to hide my scruples on this holiday - and they can be useful when air-conditioned (the temperature was 34 degrees C) and going in the right direction.
  • IPSWICH BUS BLOG: IPSWICH BUS STORY IN VIEW 1950-70 Another slightly different blog that this time charts the progress off the Ipswich fleet through photographs the first picture illustrates the first Ipswich motor bus No 1 ADX 1 an AEC Regent III/Park Royal on the 1B to Maidenhall during the 1960's in what is now the Crown Street Lay by.
  • NORWICH BUSES: First StreetLite Update In early April this year, thanks to Syd Eade, we were able to reveal the fleet numbers of the twelve Wright StreetLite DF's First in Norfolk & Suffolk are expecting in a little over a fortnight
  • FOCUS TRANSPORT: NEW HYBRID BUS CHARGING TECHNOLOGY TRIAL ANNOUNCED FOR LONDON The Alexander Dennis Enviro400H E400 buses will be fitted with special technology enabling on-board batteries to receive a charge boost at bus stands at either end of the route.
  • RICHARDS TRAM BLOG: SHENYANG Shenyang has a new tramway built for the 12th Chinese National Games and opened in August 2013. There is 70km of tramway with routes 1, 2, 3 and 5 in operation
  • STEVES BUS AND TRAIN PAGE: Greater Anglia Delays It's actually a bit unfair to call them GA delays as to my knowledge not a single major delay has been down to GA this week. The overunning engineering works have been rightly well documented, and some credit must go to Notwork Rail for holding their hands up and saying it had nothing to do with GA despite an idiot MP saying GA should lose its franchise over it
  • RICHARDS TRAM BLOG: DALIAN NEW LRV EXTENSION ROUTE 202 We caught tram 202 to the end of the route to try and find the LRV and were turned off the tram a few stops from the end of the route. We caught a local bus which follows the route as far as the depot and then turned off into an area of new 'posh' housing.
  • FYLDE BUS BLOG: Lytham Hall Running Day Sunday 31 August saw the first Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust rally and running day at Lytham Hall. Two passenger services ran, Ribble PD3 1775 and Olympian 2101 operated a Park and Ride shuttle service from the Hall Gates to the Hall itself.
  • RICHARDS TRAM BLOG: DA LIAN The newest trams in Da Lian are a rather ugly locally built 'low floor' DL6WA type (but only low floor if at a platform stop, not too frequent) and some rather nice 1927 cars with art deco light fittings and very authentic sounds,
  • BRITISH BUS BUGLE: City-not-so-Smart Edinburgh has launched its Citysmart card in a blaze of publicity, trumpeting it as the Scottish capital's version of Oyster. Citysmart is not valid on the buses of operators other than Lothian and also cannot be used on trains. So while it is a step forward, it's a bit misleading to call it an Oyster equivalent.
  • BENJIS BUSES: 14-64 Plate Buses With the new registration upon us we've decided to try and do a weekly update again as this proved fairly popular the last time we did it!
  • HUMBER TRANSPORT: Noddle Hill Weekend Reductions; Early Morning Improvements Starting today, Monday 1st September, Stagecoach have introduced changes to services 32 and 52 which serve Noddle Hill Way in Bransholme, as part of their package of changes across Hull.
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT EXPERIENCE: Three Options for a Funeral [2] Episode 2 : "A bus, a bus, we're searching for a bus" Some of our readers will now be screaming, "Why didn't the idiot use a journey planner in the first place?" The answer is simple; journey planners cannot be trusted without a measure of corroboration. Remember that Traveline delivers the answers that the programers think are best, not necessarily the options that fbb or chum David might choose.
  • FOCUS TRANSPORT: Merseytravel 30 Year Plan Merseytravel has revealed its plans for the rail network over the next 30 years, which includes "investigating the potential" for a new central stop.

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  1. They must have been brought down for a reason so does anyone know why they were very shortlived here?.Are there any plans for replacing them,and if so what with?.


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