17 June 2014

Not quite all out…

I have a soft spot for the ealiest batch of low floor Darts with Plymouth Citybus. I have always prefered the cleaner look of the front end of the Pointer bodywork. However all good things come to an end eventually and this batch of buses is indeed almost at end with only one left in service: 10 N110UTT. Of course now I have put it on the blog you can almost guarantee that at least one of the others will be seen in service this week...

Plymouth Citybus 010 N110UTT

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  1. Has R113OFJ been withdrawn or is that a minor error on the fleet list ?

    1. It has been reported as such, but as ever with Citybus buses do have a habbit of reappearing in service! If anyone sees it out and about I will update the list

    2. It would appear to be withdrawn - if you fill in this form with R113OFJ and DENNIS it comes up as SORN, same for the others mentioned as withdrawn. All the other R regs are all still going.


  2. Most of the withdrawn Darts (including 13) are parked in the Lower Yard. 1 & 4 are in the Raised Depot.


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