13 May 2014

A little bit more Gold arrives

The Enviros yesterday are not the only 14 Registered buses that you will see on the streets of Plymouth as Stagecoach have three new "Gold" Enviros which should be out and about very soon. As always Ben Beaver was on hand when they tried to sneak into Devon...

If you look carefully you might just notice that 15961 has different lettering to the other two!

Stagecoach Gold Stagecoach Gold Stagecoach Gold

©Ben Beaver – with thanks

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  1. Looks like 15961 is livered for Plymouth-Dartmouth etc route, where was 15962 and 15963 are English Riveria, so might find themselves more in Torquay

  2. The ones which only have 'English Riviera' are spares, but will operate the X46 Paignton/Torquay to Exeter express service.


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