03 March 2014

Waiting to serve…

Plymouth Citybus still have four brand new Enviros sitting at Milehouse waiting to be placed into service. 517-520 are all here and I managed to catch 518 at the front of Milehouse on Saturday afternoon.
Plymouth Citybus 518

There has been some confusion regarding the registrations of these buses but at the moment they do carry WG63… registrations. However if you view my fleetlist you will see that I have them down as WG63HHV HHW HHX HHY in order making 518 WG63HHW but as you can see its carrying WG63HHV above!

I am sure all will be revealed very shortly as it cant be long before they see service. It is quite possible that they will gain new 14 registrations. I believe that one of them wont be a Red Flash, but will be in standard swoops livery.

I was out in town for over an hour on Saturday and it seemed to me that not all Enviros were out and about on the Red Flash as about half of the buses in use were standard older double deckers with at least one Volvo single decker in use too.

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  1. Are all the new Enviro 400s going to be "Red Flash" or will some be used on normal routes? Be nice to have some decent buses on the 40 & 41!


    1. The same 40/41 that is heavily populated with 2012 plate Pulsars?!

    2. michael hudson6 March 2014 at 20:55

      actually they are Volvo B7RLE eclipse.

    3. Eclipse or Pulsar the point I was making is they are decent vehicles on Southway services.

  2. Yeah there are still at least four EVL/PVLs left on the 21 - and at least one Eclipse hasn't been at all uncommon in recent weeks - if anything its been much more of a regular than an unusual working!

  3. Graham, I noticed Dart 40 on the service 45 yesterday. It seems a shame that lower standard, speed, spec and reliable vehicles are now deemed suitable for this route having forced First to withdraw. Let's hope they realise they must maintain the standard they set and this is the exception.

    1. Part of that could well be to the fact the 45 is not a self-contained service anymore. The 45 on arrival in town leaves as the 23/53 minutes past the hour 62, returns as a 61 and goes back out as a 45.

      The 27A out, 28 in and 61A all interwork, as do the 61 out, 62 in, 28 out and 27 in.


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