25 February 2014


Plymouth Citybus SLF 3 N103UTT loads on a 42A on her last ever day of service.
©Tom Michaels [creative commons]

Plymouth Citybus Dennis Darts 1 – 4 are now in the Reserve Fleet. This means they will generally only be used when they are really needed rather than in normal everyday service. I will miss these when they do eventually go.

In The News

BBC News Tamar bridge and ferry tag increase approved: Plans for a monthly charge to motorists who use a toll route discount scheme have been approved by one of the councils that runs the crossing. Plymouth City Council has approved charging drivers 80p a month from April to use electronic tags to cross the Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferries linking Devon and Cornwall. The current toll is £1.50 for cars, or 75p for tag users, and the new fee could raise an extra £506,000 a year. Managers had pledged that if the tag levy was approved, crossing charges would remain fixed for the next three years.

Just another day running a bus company

23 FEB: Due to a car blocking the entrance to the Hospital we are having to divert buses down to the Tamar science park, until it has been resolved. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
24 FEB: SERVICE 32 TWO FERRIES BROKEN DOWN ONE EITHER SIDE. The one Devonport side has had to be unloaded. Severe delays on Ferry Hill and surrounding area
21 FEB: Severe delays to service PR2 due to a multi-vehicle accident near Marsh Mills.
24 FEB: Right we had a major issue wih the number 2 this morning. Unfortunately due to mechanical issues within the depot we had a number of buses off the road this morning. This affected quite badly the number 2's. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this caused you all this morning

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  1. Both 2 and 4 were on the 42/42A today.

    1. Yes I saw today.....1 on 33, 2 on 42, 3 on 16 and 4 on 42 - a very active "Reserve Fleet" (If they are indeed in reserve)

  2. 1 was on the 42 on Monday along with 4 being seen in Bretonside at 13.50 on Monday - probably laying over between trips on the 49. The remaining batch that are still in 'normal' service are very much out there - 8 and 12 were both on the 20 on Monday, with 8 on the 20 again today.

  3. SLF Darts 1-4 were initially delicensed last weekend but were reinstated on Monday.

  4. I to will miss these, good engines and a great ride. The where the beginning of the low floor revolution in Plymouth, and have served it very well!

  5. No. 3 now parked next to what's left of no. 28 at back of yard with 'do not cannibalise' notice in windscreen.

  6. michael hudson3 March 2014 at 20:26

    I think u will find its bus 9. I will check tomoz.

    1. No, bus 9 is parked to one side of the washer. No 3 is behind a blue barrel next to no 28. At least they were on the 3rd March!

  7. michael hudson4 March 2014 at 20:50

    nope it IS bus 3. I stand corrected. bus 9 has definetely gone then. this was donated to exter airpot gliding club.

    1. Bus 9 was still parked by the washer tonight (6th March) so it hasn't gone yet.

  8. Are the Scania s replacements for 1 to 4 and when will they be on the road


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