09 February 2014

Derriford Decision

Plymouth City Council is inviting people to share their views on options for improving the A386 Tavistock Road from Derriford Roundabout to William Prance Road. The Derriford Transport Scheme aims to reduce congestion, create more road capacity for the extra traffic that will be generated by proposed developments in the area and improve facilities for public transport, walking and cycling. The scheme has been shortlisted for funding from the Heart-of-the-South-West (HotSW) Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), the body responsible for allocating funding for large-scale transport schemes across Plymouth, Devon, Torbay and Somerset.

A preferred option, outlining more specific details, needs to be submitted to the LEP in April and the Council wants to get public feedback on the potential schemes it is considering. Plans for the William Prance Road junction include extra lanes for general traffic on Tavistock Road and William Prance Road and new sections of bus lanes to ensure faster and more reliable journey times for public transport.

Four potential schemes have been developed for the roundabout, which include options to improve the existing roundabout, to remove the roundabout and replace it with a signalised crossroads and even to build a new flyover. Before deciding which of these to take forward as the preferred option, the Council is launching a four-week consultation to get views from the public.

Consultation leaflets will shortly be sent out to residents and businesses in the Derriford area with a feedback form and pre-paid envelope. Exhibitions are also being held at the following venues, where staff will be available to explain the options and answer questions.

  • Tuesday 18 February, 11am to 3pm: Derriford Hospital
  • Thursday 20 February, 3pm to 8pm: University of St Mark and St John
  • Saturday 22 February, 9am to 1pm: Crownhill Library

The results of this consultation will be a consideration in determining the preferred option, along with other factors such as the impact on the wider road network and the environment, cost and value for money. Subject to the HotSW LEP providing final approval for funding, it is expected that construction of the scheme would start in 2016. The construction period will depend on which option is taken forward but work is likely to take about 12 months.



What is the Derriford Transport Scheme?

The Derriford Transport Scheme aims to reduce congestion between Derriford Roundabout and William Prance Road and create more road capacity for the extra traffic that will be generated by proposed developments in the area. Bus priority measures will be provided at both junctions to improve journey times and make services more reliable, particularly to Derriford Hospital. Pedestrian crossing facilities and on-road cycle facilities will also be improved.

This section of the A386 is a key route for people travelling between the city centre and the north of the city and it provides access to key destinations such as Derriford Hospital, the University of St Mark and St John and the Tamar Science Park. Both Derriford Roundabout and William Prance Road manage very large volumes of traffic throughout the day and are often congested at peak times.

Proposed developments in the Derriford and Seaton areas could see around 3,000 new homes, as well as a new district centre, new shops and businesses and a new school. This will increase the number of people travelling to and from the Derriford area and put further pressure on the transport network.


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