15 January 2014

The battle for Tavistock 2014

Question two of our survey was looking at the Tavistock corridor

Plymothian Transit Survey 2014

Although there are nearly three times as many people who think that Citybus will reign supreme rather than First it has to be said the overall picture is more balanced than I expected with Citybus having the edge but two thirds of you see both operators still slugging it out at the end of the year.

 Plymothian Transit Survey 2014 Plymothian Transit Survey 2014

Plymouth Citybus_Enviro 400_WF63 LZC
©Tom Pearce
Morning stallion
©Nick Rice
Both companies save their best kit for the Tavistock routes

There were a few extra comments left after this question:

First still have 75% of customers on this corridor, i don't think this will change that much, Citybus will not be able to make a profit on this corridor

Probably see First running more often Tavistock direct to Derriford.

Plymouth city bus will continue on the winning side, and perhaps some of the 2012 Volvos will enter into the blue flash livery to give extra services!

Whilst I have no option other than to say that we all live in a very competitive world nowadays :-( I do find it very sad that two reputable(?) concerns are fighting over a relative backwater (let's face it, this isn't London or any other densely populated corridor which we're discussing here) when they could be,and should be concentrating on providing and improving services in their already established areas of operation for their passengers (or customers whatever you prefer to call the paying punters nowadays) benefit which hopefully would repay the respective operator by improving their passenger numbers and consequent revenue. All this competition and subsequent over provision of bus services is undoubtedly very unfortunate and quite unnecessary really,and is a gross waste of manpower and resources

Despite the superior buses of PCT the better headway always seems to win as passengers will always get on what comes first, vehicle not company.

Both companies to arrange a compromise on all routes

I can't see Citybus giving up this one too easily. If First stick around, they will have to get used to sharing the corridor.

Because Plymouth city bus have wifi on their buses which is bound to make people want to travel on them

Next time we look at the Torpoint services.

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  1. i think frist bus should have wifi on the buses just like city bus


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