17 January 2014

A ‘Point too far for Citybus?

Having looked at the Tavistock corridor last time, we now turn our attention to the Torpoint corridor:

Plymothian Transit Survey 2014

As you can see this is a much stronger call in favour of First. Almost a third belive that Plymouth Citybus will call it a day leaving things to First. Almost two thirds see First winning on this corridor.

Plymothian Transit Survey 2014 Plymothian Transit Survey 2014

The enthusiasts among you see it stronger in favour of First although even the transport professionals call it for First (just).

Some of the comments left on this question:

Torpoint is that bit different to a lot of routes within the Plymouth area. Torpoint, thankfully, still retains its own depot, and hence with the small team of drivers there, build up a real bond with their passengers. Some drivers have been at Torpoint for decades, but even the younger ones soon get to know there customers by name, and that level of customer service is what sets First's offering apart. Localism simply works with buses, the more local you can be, the better the service is perceived, and Torpoint is a prime example. Getting on a First bus in Torpoint is like getting in a car with a friend, with all the drivers very relaxed and friendly, and just small conversations every day mean that passengers want to stay loyal to people that have treated them so well, and indeed, rely on them to stay in a job. Knowing each driver by name, and often a bit about them too means that they care about their lives as well, and therefore want to help them out a bit to. Even with cheap fares, other companies cannot break this type of bond. Just look at Trent Barton...

I reckon Citybus will continue the 32 despite at present very low customer numbers.

There is only room for one operator in torpoint. Cremyll and milbrook service on the 81 may go to another operator

This is a disaster for Citybus, no one wants them in Torpoint, only customers 32 picks up is in Stoke/Devonport etc, Citybus if sensible will pull out of Torpoint but knowing them they will continue as they do not want to loose face!

i think the 81c should go back derrford va crownhill mutley from city centre that was good service

Plymouth city bus will need to catch up as First may use branding or fares to compete with them giving First the edge!

I live near Brighton where we call the GA group - 'Go Ahead Gobble it Up' as over the years they have bought out all the serious competition in the city & its suburbs,and they are still doing their best to squash any competitor who dares to open up here ........... I just hope that the same doesn't happen to you in Plymouth and that you find yourself just left with 'Citybus,' for although I'm not keen on the GA group I must admit that the bus service here is quite good(although jolly expensive,but luckily I'm an OAP pass holder) at the present time,although I'm convinced that this is only to ensure that they keep their 'slice of the cake' and to stop any competition springing up - And YES I do miss our previous choices of bus operators very much indeed(but then I'm ONLY a passenger!!!!!)

Despite the superior buses of PCT the better headway always seems to win as passengers will always get on what comes first, vehicle not company.

If First manage to rebuild their presence in Plymouth then Citybus will probably concede on this one but then they can afford to. They can always come back on the route if First is looking vulnerable.

First 40002 S764RNE
©Richard Smith

The next couple of questions asked in the survey were more open – what routes do you expect Citybus / First to introduce in 2014. We will look at the answers you gave shortly!

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  1. I don't think we will see any of these in Plymouth as First will rightly use them in profitable areas. We should however see some newer stock cascaded down and in turn Plymouth's older stock transferred west to Cornwall, I should imagine.

  2. Not all true, as a citybus driver and a service 32. we are picking quite a lot up from Torpoint now.


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