16 December 2013

where buses go to die

Thanks to Nick Rice for this great, but sad shot of a former Target Travel Dennis Dart which as reached the end of its life in a scrap yard in Plymouth:

I always liked this bus as it was a bit different to the usual Plaxton design that we have so many of in Plymouth. YIL9895
A sad end
©Nick Rice (creative commons)

Public Transport Experience Whoever designed the Sainsburys block is to be commended for up-grading the waiting environment for the humble and oft-forgotten bus passenger. Well done whoever done it!

Dorset Echo First Dorset has introduced six vehicles complete with leather seats, free wi-fi and CCTV for its Service 2 from King’s Statue to Littlemoor.

Southern England: I was never sure if I liked this livery. The red seemed to fade over the years

Public Transport Experience:So what would a passing chemolithoautotroph from Mars think of the UK's bus industry?

Southern England Finally, the livery and operation that is probably most associated with the R-reg batch of Volvo Olympians.

Public Transport Experience Or is Arriva playing Russian Roulette with the Welsh Assembly because of dis-satisfaction with their current public transport policies? Uncle Brian is playing the same game in Newcastle, so it must be a good idea

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  1. Are you sure it's not on some strange Council tendered route?


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