13 December 2013

VOSA Enquires

Thought I had already posted this one from VOSA but seems I missed it...

Public Enquiry 6th December 2013

Public Inquiry (47689) to be held at Jubilee House, Croydon Street, Bristol, BS5 0GB, on 06 December 2013 commencing at 13:30(Previous Publication:(2492) ) PH1020218 SN DEALTOP (PLYMOUTH) LTD T/A TARGET TRAVEL Director(s): LEE ROBERT RISK, DAVID ROBERT PAUL HOUNSLOW, DAVID MICHAEL DART, ROBERT JOHN RISK. LANGAGE SCIENCE PARK, WESTERN WOOD WAY , PLYMOUTH PL7 5BG


PSV - S17 - Consideration of disciplinary action under Section 17 (The Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981)


PSV - S16 - Consider attaching of varying conditions under Section 16 (The Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981)


I guess we will find out later what, if anything happened!

This is posted here as a matter of public record more than anything else. I will not make any comments as I do not know exactly what the problem was. If and when it becomes public knowledge then I may speak out! In the meantime please keep any comments ‘general’. Any comments that make unfounded allegations of wrong doing will not be published. Thank you.

Public Transport Experience: Critics of First Bus in Weymouth have a point. The last new buses for a commercial service were delivered for the Portland route 1 in 1999 and are still running!

Norwich Buses You may remember the arson attack on Western Greyhound's depot back in May this year in which one third of the fleet were destroyed including two brand new Enviro400's

Public Transport Experience: fbb does wonder whether lumping all these routes, very diferent at the Bicester end into one service S5 is the best for the easily-befuddled travelling public

Southern England. Bristol VRs have always had a long association with Southern Vectis, and their last hurrah and livery was on the Open Top Tours network,

This is Cornwall  "I told the driver he was making loads of old ladies in Falmouth very happy."


  1. I heard quite a while ago from an employee at Target this day was coming. As stated though I shall say no more about what I have been told (it now looks like it was true!) until the full story comes out officially!

  2. There are 2 Target buses being scrapped in a local Plymouth scrapyard(Sutton Road). What what i've seen the 2 vehicles in question are both Dennis Darts, one with Northern Counties Paladin bodywork, the other was a Marshall bodied example. Didn't see the reg plates

    1. the Marshall Minibus is P407 KAV and the Dennis Dart Northern counties is YIL 9895, i can't remember it's original number,,, the other Marshall Minibus P401 KAV is now preserved

    2. Here is the NC Dart on the scrap heap
      No sign of P401KAV might have been underneath the pile or already crushed up.

  3. P407 KAV was new to limebourne as was 401

    1. Huh? They were new to London General.

    2. Wrong again!!!

    3. Anon 6 Feb 2014 22:51
      "Bus Lists on the Web" shows P407KAV as new to London General - Fleet Number ML7.
      If you know different please say so, rather than "Wrong again".
      It also shows P401KAV as London General - Fleet Number ML11.


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