11 October 2013

The little ones can be a bit bigger

First Devon & Cornwall introduce yet another fares imitative!

In a continued drive to help more of its customers to better fare deals, from 13 October First is extending its age range for child fares. From this date, anyone aged between 5 and 19 can travel for a child fare, whereas previously children could only travel at child fare until the day before their 16th birthday.

This initiative is available to anyone travelling within the Plymouth and Plus zones, which now includes Horrabridge and Tavistock.
Commenting on the change, Alex Carter, Managing Director of First South West, said: "Many young people are still in education, so dont have much spare cash. To help them, were extending our child fare age range so that they can travel more cheaply until just before their 19th birthday.'
News Release 10 October

[Archived pdf]


Public Transport Experience: The press doesn't help when bus services are disrupted; possibly because journalists have scant knowledge of geography and a non-existent grasp of the public transport network.

Andys Bus Blog: Whilst in King's Lynn yesterday the number of double decker buses photographed got us thinking about the ever increasing number of this type in use in the area,


  1. And on a similar vein in Bristol from Nov 3rd...

    The cost of travel for children (up to the age of 16) and young people (up to the age of 21) will also be significantly reduced. Children aged between five and 15 years will benefit from 50% discounts on all single tickets within the inner zone, and 50% discounts on all period products in the inner and outer zones. This makes the cheapest fare for them - the 'Three Stop Hop' at just 50p.

    Young people (those between 16 and 21 years old) in possession of a valid ID card will get a 30% discount on all singles within the inner zone and a 30% discount on all period products in the inner and outer zone. This marks a significant improvement as there is no discount at present)

    Up to two children under the age of five will still be able to travel for free with a fare paying young person or adult

    Extract from http://www.firstgroup.com/ukbus/bristol_bath/travel_news/news_initiatives/?item=13341&conf=0

  2. first using citybus ideas, strikes as desperate to me and typically why not roll it out across all of devon and cornwall? its purely because of the increased competion, the same as the reduced fares and extending plymouth plus zone, they wouldnt have done any of that if it wasn't for the increased competion! pathetic!

    1. Calm down matey. Nothing is pathetic. First has a new regional Director who has new ideas, and a few new faces helping out across the patch. They've already made changes to fares in Taunton Town, and promised changes to follow in Taunton and Bridgewater depots once they've seen the trial on the town. There's nothing 'Citybus' about the things they have introduced in Taunton already, and the changes in Plymouth aren't exactly copy cat are they? OAPs for £1 before 0930? I've heard there are more offers on the way in Plymouth that aren't at all similar to Citybus.
      What is it with the ranting about either First or Citybus? Why get all stroppy? It's two big businesses each trying to find the best competitive ways to run in competition. Instead of calling one side or the other 'pathetic', why not take a proper intelligent interest, and watch and see what they do and how it works. Plymouth is a really good chance to see two big groups slug it out in the battle for customers. if its true, First have told the guys in Plymouth to try out all their ideas and use it to test what does and doesn't work.
      In all of this, we're seeing lower fares and offers so what is there to moan about anyway?

  3. On another note, Saw First 40002 in the new livery complete with TORPOINT in what seemed like huge lettering!

  4. Slightly unrelated, but I see First has released some overhauled / refurbished mini darts, featuring the new livery and 'Torpoint' branding applied. Thought I saw one this morning but wasn't sure. But I definitely saw one (or the same one) on Charles Cross roundabout this afternoon. Clearly First are going to keep up the fight with PCB.

  5. FDC have repainted a Torpoint mini dart complete with Torpoint branding


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