28 October 2013

Stormy Start

As I type this there is a major storm brewing so bus travel in the morning could be disrupted. Meanwhile the stormy relationship between bus companies in Plymouth enters its next phase as First launches it new network. We have already seen the fare promotion on the new Purple 6 – so its no surprise to see lower fares on their new 3A…

Our new service 3A launches in Plymouth on Monday 28 October. The 3A provides a link between Plymouth City Centre, Peverell, Honicknowle, West Park and St Budeaux while also giving people the opportunity to connect with Service 3 for onward journeys to Devonport and the City Centre. The 3A will run every 20 minutes during the daytime from Monday - Saturday. The 3 between St Budeaux, Devonport and Plymouth City Centre runs every 10 mins during the daytime from Monday to Saturday, with a half hourly service on Sundays and on week day evenings (hourly after 19:00 on Sundays and 20:00 on weekdays).

We have some great value fares on the 3 and 3A, most extremely competitive:
On the 3A City Centre to/from
Hyde Park or Mutley Plain: single £1.10 or return £1.50
Cherry Tree or Peverell: single £1.30 or return £1.70.
Honicknowle, West Park or St Budeaux: single £1.60 or return £2.10
On the 3 City Centre to/from:
Albert Gate, Devonport Park Avenue or Cumberland Gardens: single £1.30 or return £1.70.
St Budeaux, Camel's Head, HMS Raleigh, St Levan Gate: single £1.60 or return £2.10
And of course we recently reduced the prices of our day, week and month tickets for Plymouth; Day £3 (was £3.50), Week £11 (was £15) and Month £40 (was £60). These offer unlimited travel across Plymouth plus Torpoint, Saltash and Ivybridge. This currently makes these the cheapest day, week and month tickets for unlimited travel in and around Plymouth.

First News Release

We will be watching things very closely over the coming weeks!


  1. They need to sense check their press releases; I think they mean HMS Drake and not Raleigh. Has much changed since they ran the 19 to Honicknowle? Apart from linking St Budeaux with Honicknowle, I can't see it being a success.

  2. So, Firsts first day had this earlier:
    - The 3A looks like its started off as a Double Decker operation, at about 2pm, 32753 had about 5 people downstairs and 1 up that I could see CityBus had at least 2 double deckers on 35s (the route City to Cherry Tree is the same). The 62 I saw, at Drake Circus was packed
    - At least 40570 and 40583 are carrying pink route branding writing for Service 6
    - At least 33666 and 32658 are now Tavistock and not Devon
    - 32954 was on PR2 and fairly empty at 2.15pm ish when I saw it
    - 32709 was on 93s (saw it coming in so it said Plymouth, not sure whether it had done a short on long run)
    - Another of the short Darts has had Ugo circle removed (bar the top bit) and was on a 15 (which kind of makes sense as these short ones were often on the 4 before and now the 15 runs into a 4), there was also a normal size dart.

    With the withdrawal of First's 5, Citybus has Double Decker 425 on 24 today but a dart on 23.
    Citybus had a Dart on the new 27A when I saw it.

    A puzzle though; First operate 1 and 1A, and 3 and 3A, yet the 2 which now operates alternately between City - Oreston - Broadway - Mount Batten and City - Pomphlett - Broadway - Mount Batten is only a 2 and not a 2 and a 2A. Someone told me they asked a First member of staff why it wasn't 2 and 2A and the answer was that "people find the As and Bs confusing" - my reply is; and people don't find the same number bus going different ways confusing?

    1. As for the Citybus deckers on the 35/24 etc, as the schools are off there's loads of spare deckers - during school holidays they can turn up on just about anything! They commonly appear on the 29/34 during school holidays too.

  3. The 3a seem to have some pretty decent loads today for say 1. I was on Royal Parade today when 3a and 61 came in and I would say Forst had at least half the customers. I think First should be quite please with the 1st day

  4. 3 Marshal Darts, 40581, 42784 are now Withdrawn. Presidents 32872, 32873 and 32874 are allocated off to Taunton. 53111 (under re-paint) is for the Service89 in Tavistock. PCC are reportedly a little 'mift' at the withdrawal of the E400's from P&R, despite the fact they have no involvement in its operation, First having taken over it commercially several years ago.

    1. 40581 working on the "6" today - so not withdrawn.

  5. 93 Timetable...buses from Plymouth arrive at "Kingsbridge Quay" - is this only true of the 0730 departure from Plymouth, as they normally arrive at the bus station.
    Has anyone noticed First still refer to the Plymstock Coop stop as Plymstock Somerfield, this shop changed names a long long time ago. (the same stop towards Kingsbridge is referred to as Broadway East)
    I think modern day timetables are a tad confusing - towards Kingsbridge the bus stops at Elburton Hotel, yet the bus stop on the other side of the road towards Plymouth is called Elburton School.(School entrance is not at this stop but in Springfield Road) If you catch the bus at Elbuton Hotel you would ask for Elburton Hotel on your return journey.
    Why does the timetable towards Kingsbridge show a time at Sugar Mill yet not on inbound journeys to Plymouth - deciding to show a time at Cattedown Astor Field instead.
    All very confusing...

  6. I have got to say that I am quite surprised just how busy the 3a and Purple 6 are..considering they are both only 2 days old. I would definately say First are picking up more on their new routes with less outlay, than Citybus with the Blue Flash etc.

  7. - There was a good loading on 12 off Town at about 4pm, the downstairs was moreless full and there was a few people upstairs.
    - Still alot of confusion on First's 2 - saw people get off one and told to wait for the next one
    - Also a 32 come in with a fair number of people on it (about 3.50pm). The 32 of course now picks up all the people in Stoke Village (for town), Albert Road, Molesworth Road and Stuart Road. Now First have pulled the 81 out of Stoke Village (all going via Devonport) CityBus get all these people from Albert and the Village (although they have had Molesworth and Stuart to themselves for a long time)
    - Why is 40581 withdrawn? Has it had enough of Efford Lane already? This is a 51 plate vechile, 42784 is an S
    - 33664 - still shows Devon and was working PR2 today
    - 32756, 32757, 32759 and 32760 all show Torpoint (32758 is probably in the paintshop)
    - 33420, 33421 and 32709 among others on PR duties

  8. Advertised on Stagecoach website from 4/11/13.. NEW PLYMOUTH SKIPPER DAYTICKET, unlimited travel on Stagecoach, First and Citybus for £4 a day within Plymoth/Ivybridge. Can;t believe First and Citybus will promote this, was this agreed before the 'war' broke out?? Or can you only buy ticket on Stagecoach bus?? Anyone from First or Citybus like to explain??

  9. If the council wanted a different operator for park and ride allergens have to do us ban access to their sites to first, simples

  10. 40581 is not withdrawn - or at least isn't anymore! It is operating a 2 today, and was at Morrisons on Plymstock at 8.50, heading to Mount Batten. It is in plain purple.


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