03 October 2013


First Devon & Cornwall continue to be generous with their fares…

Good news for concession pass holders in Plymouth and the surrounding areas!
From Monday 7 October we're launching a special £1 flat fare for holders of a concession pass so you can travel before 09:30 or after 23:00 on week days.
If a concession pass holder wants to travel before 09:30 or after 23:00 on a week day they would normally have to pay the full adult fare.
But from Monday 7 October concession pass holders can simply show their driver their pass and pay just £1 for any single trip within the Plymouth or Plus zones.
This includes Plymouth, Plymstock, St Budeaux, Torpoint, Saltash, Tavistock, Horrabridge, Yelverton, Rame, Wembury, Lee Mill and Ivybridge.

Simply ask your driver for the £1 concession fare. Free travel for concession pass holders is still available all day on weekends and on public holidays.

I am sure many will find this useful!

Meanwhile Plymouth Citybus get ready for their big launch this weekend…

BUS passengers will be able to travel between Plymouth and Tavistock in a "flash" with the launch of a new service. Plymouth Citybus has unveiled its new Blue Flash service, which will operate seven days a week starting on Saturday.

The new "premium" double decker buses feature leather seating, increased leg room, on-board free Wi-Fi and more designated space for buggies and wheelchairs. The vehicles are decked out in City Bus' new 'Blue Flash' branding, designed by local creative agency Bluestone 360.

With the expansion to Tavistock, Citybus has introduced a new zone to cover the area. Dayrider tickets are priced at £4.20, seven-day tickets are £18 and monthly tickets £59. Child and student tickets are £3.50, £15 and £50 respectively, available to those 18 and under or 22 and under in full-time education. If passengers just want to travel on the Blue Flash route they will also be able to purchase a seven-day ticket for £15.

The Herald

Meanwhile First have now released their new timetables on their web site. I will be having a closer look at the main areas of competition over the next week or so.


  1. Not really the right place for this comment but Target dd P488UFM on Tesco Freebus at Roborough this morning.

  2. A triumph for Citybus. Blue Flash 1 Broke down Saturday, Blue Flash bus 2, bonnet up going nowhere Sunday afternoon on Royal Parade, no replacement bus in sight. Reliable?? I think not. Citybus staff on RP advising people First 86 due in 15 mins...lol. This is a great start in the battle for Tavi (by First!!) and Blue Flash branded buses may not be on the route tomorrow!

  3. Have to agree two breakdowns in two days with brand new vehicles is not the best start. On Saturday one bus suffered an altenator problem which resulted in flat batteries. On Sunday I understand that the bus would turn over but a fuel issue prevented the bus from firing up. A replacement Eclipse was used on the service. No one likes to see breakdowns but these things happen unfortunately but it's hardly the end of the world.

    1. That's another thing that's gone downhill. Replacements. Citybus used to be fantastic for sending replacement buses out immediately. Now they seem to cancel the service or send a bus a few hours after. Shame

  4. mike hudson pctpg6 October 2013 at 20:18

    hear hear brian. even new things have teething problems, from buses to washing machines!

  5. i have heard that the new fares for blue flash to tavistock stay low for 6 weeks then go back up again to £6.10

    1. I heard that first have been giving out 50% discount vouchers to customers that make there £4.50 first day plus £2.25

  6. Save your money and buy a First Day Plus ticket for £4.50. Valid not only to/from Tavistock, but also Wembury and Torpoint, as well as Plymouth. (First also run at night.)


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