22 October 2013

A little bit more Gold

When First Devon & Cornwall announced they were quitting the X80 and leaving it all to Stagecoach Devon there were a few upset passengers complaining that their journeys were no longer possible, especially some of the extra runs serving King Edward IV College. Stagecoach have now made a few changes which should help at least some of the passengers who were not happy…

From 28th October 2013, we're introducing some extra journeys on Stagecoach Gold which we hope you’ll find useful.We’ve summarised the changes below but please do take a moment to check the full journey details in the new timetable.

From Torquay, Paignton and Totnes towards Plymouth and Dartmouth
(Monday to Saturday)

  • We’ve introduced an earlier connection to Plymouth which will leave Torquay at 0555 and Totnes at 0635, arriving Plymouth 0735
  • Our 0655 service from Torquay will now leave at 0645, operating 10 minutes earlier throughout and arriving in Plymouth at 0825
  • The 0740 journey from Totnes to Dartmouth will no longer run
  • The 1535 departure from Totnes to Plymouth will now serve King Edward VI College grounds on school days
  • There are two new evening journeys between Torquay and Totnes, leaving Torquay at 2130 and 2300.

From Plymouth, Dartmouth and Totnes towards Paignton and Torquay
(Monday to Saturday)

  • Our 0710 Totnes departure to Paignton and Torquay will now leave at 0700, arriving at Torquay at 0738
  • Passengers using the 0755 from Dartmouth will now need to change bus at Totnes, connecting onto the 0855 for Paignton and Torquay
  • The 0835 from Dartmouth to Totnes will no longer run
  • A new journey from Plymouth will leave Royal Parade at 0742 (school days) or 0747 (school holidays and Saturdays) and will serve King Edward VI College grounds on school days, continuing to Totnes (0850), Paignton (0916) and Torquay (0936)
  • We’re introducing two additional evening journeys between Totnes and Torquay which will leave Totnes at 2215 and 2340.

Sadly the link on the web page for the timetable does not work so you have to go through the awful Stagecoach web site and I cant find the new timetable anywhere but I am sure it will be available sometime soon!


  1. If you check on vosa its been registered from 26/11/13.

  2. Hi. Best check vosa as its registered from 26/11/13. It was advertised on stagecoach site the other day then taken off.

    1. Thanks - thats interesting - will wait and see what happens!

    2. Hi there is now updated info on the stagecoach website and changes take place on 4.11.13

  3. Today being driven around the depot I saw one of the old Volvo B10M's converted for open top use.Still in the yellow livery but a possible replacement for "Beryl"?.

  4. Got told odd thing today, First have sold Bretonside bus station to STAGECOACH. Now why would Stagecoach want a bus station in a city they don't operate in?? Could it be if First can build up the business in Plymouth, they will buy First Plymouth as has been predicted before?? So First launch new routes, loose money but get a good customer base whilst causing severe damage to Citybus leaving Stagecoach to come in next year and finish the job. I heard several other Citybus areas to be targteted soon as well.

  5. Well I think you can ignore what you were told then! First dont own Bretonside so if they have sold to to Stagecoach they are very clever indeed! On the wider issue of Stagecoach I cant help feel that they would already be here if there were that keen. The business was up for sale. Would they really want to come in and buy a new route network that was being deliberately run at a loss? A good customer base is only really useful if you can make money from them!


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