23 October 2013

182 takes a short cut

Seen on Billacombe Road yesterday by Richard Smith…PCTPG G621OTV
©Richard Smith

182 is now owned by the PCTPG who have had it converted as a tree lopper to replace WJY758 on such duties. Its nice to see the attention to detail with the destination display! 

Public Transport Experience But the key test is to see how publicity and frequency combine to provide an attractive service, or otherwise.

Leon Daniels: Boris later announced - in his classic humorous style - that he was giving five New Bus for London vehicles to KMB as a gift from TfL!

Public Transport Experience: Enthusiasts and "ordinary" passengers alike have commented that much of First's fleet should be in a museum.

Public Transport Experience:The lavish facilities consist of  series of widely spaced trendily-shaped shelters and nothing else. No toilets, no enquiry office, no bus station plan, no refreshment facilities and no source of printed timetables.

Public Transport Experience: Presumably no money? Or no effort? Or no understanding? So much so that a gaggle of potential passengers at the Parkside terminus had absolutely no idea what bus route A was.


  1. Taking an interesting approach to preservation!

  2. I presume that this will be used as a standard open topper as well now that WJY is out of the way?


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