17 September 2013



While we are in a lull waiting for more detail on the forthcoming timetable changes I can post a few historical photos of interest that have been shared recently by Michael Wadman who very kindly allows me to use them on the blog.
©Michael Wadman
Trathens no 64 (BDV 864Y), Volvo B10M-61 / Berkhof National Express service 500 Victoria Coach Station 1983
When this photo was taken it would have been impossible to think that the Trathens name would eventually disappear. I always did like these Berkhof Volovos and managed quite a few rides on them at the time.


fbb remembers in his childhood being amazed when his grandmother informed him that she had travelled to visit her sister in North Wales by bus. It sounded much like an expedition to darkest Africa! Public Transport Experience

It’s no secret that NCT and Trent Barton are reported to have gotten on for quite some time: there is no active competition between the two, despiteTrent’s longer distance services inevitably mirroring some of NCT’s city routes on their way into the city centre. Omnibuses

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