16 September 2013

First Repaints

With the long run of repaints into the new swoop livery by Plymouth Citybus its easy to forget that First Devon & Cornwall have a new livery as well. Repaints here have been much slower though. The latest to hit the road is Dennis Trident 33173 which carries the new scheme really well.


©Nick Rice.

Plymothian Transit recommends:

  • Torpoint Depot has recently gained a new addition to the ranks of vehicles that are able to operate across the ferry, this being the first Plaxton President Dennis Trident to be converted for use PTOTPA 11th Sep
  • Once again, then, we have a lack of commitment to what ought to be a very useful service. The bus is supported by Southwest Trains and First Great Western, but their responsibility seems to end at the station exit. Public Transport Experience  12th Sep
  • When people asked why someone was interested in buses there were any number of companies they could point to including the 'Walsall of the Independent's, Gosport and Fareham. Bus world Photography 12th Sep
  • Together with the armed guards in the razor wire bedecked watchtowers, the teams of near rabid dogs, and Blakey-type inspectors equipped with tasers; we are all welcome at the interchange Public Transport Experience 13th Sep
  • At no time during the last 25 years has there been more political interest in quality contracts and franchising. Or re-regulation. Or local political control. Omnibuses 13th Sep
  • Stagecoach has nevertheless become the principal beneficiary, stepping in where First has left, without spending a cent.Omnibuses14th Sep
  • The notice recommends that you catch it to get to the town centre. As usual the print is so small and the text so complex that nobody will stop to read it. Public Transport Experience 14th Sep
  • Some heavy mileage covered in a week, but for £110 on the coach journeys for two people where can you go wrong? Its amazing to see such good value for money! Andys Bus Blog 14th Sep
  • WGL were diverted through Torpoint due to an RTA on the A38, forcing all of the Tamar Bridge traffic to go across the Torpoint Ferry instead PTOTPA 15th Sep

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