02 September 2013

Incoming: Red Flash

Plymouth Citybus505 Plymouth Citybus 506 WF63LYP Plymouth Citybus 507 Plymouth Citybus 508

All pics ©Richard Smith.

All 4 entered service today 505 WF63LYO 506 WF63LYP 507 WF63LYR 508 WF63LYS



  • Today, buses provide almost all of San Sebastián's public transport system. The city bus network is branded as d-bus, with vehicles wearing a blue and green livery Random Streets 31 August
  • Yesterday, fellow blogger Busing tackled the problem (and the consequences) of a vehicle breakdown (read again) and, inconsequentially, fbb was involved in just such an incident on the very same day. The "locus in quo" was Yeovil whither fbb had journeyed at the suggestion of a blog reader Public Transport Experience 31 August
  • Recently, while heading for a meeting with the enterprising people at East Yorkshire Motor Services, a regular reader had the presence of mind to overtake and then pull over to snap this LT-class New Bus for London Omnibuses 1 September
  • Firstly, come with fbb on a virtual walk from an evening train from London, out of Northampton station and across the road to the temporary westbound bus stops. Public Transport Experience 1 September
  • 1000th fbb Blog: Fellow blogger Busing gets excited about his statistics whereas fbb's can be relieved with a few pills! It never ceases to amaze the chubby one that anybody reads his stuff Public Transport Experience 2 September

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