27 August 2013

Spot the difference: Target Travel

Nil prizes available...
Target Travel S722KNV
24 January 2013
Target Travel
22 August 2013
Both photos ©Richard Smith


  • It appears that Anglian are removing the Konect branding from the all of their recently transferred in vehicles and applying Anglianbus fleetnames in their place East Norfolk Bus Blog 23 August
  • A recent post on the Omnibuses blog reports that two-door single deck buses were being specified for a bus rapid transit scheme in the West of England Random Streets 23 August
  • Rosheim is in Alsace which, apart from being the supposed home to the eponymous dog, is in a region of France that has been part of Germany on many occasions. The area even had/has its own language, a derivative of German ... Public Transport Experience 24 August
  • I dislike the term “bus war” because this implies right & wrong. The competition’s nevertheless developing in unlikely directions, Omnibuses 25 August
  • fbb's knowledge of public transport in rural France is similar to his understanding of sub-atomic particle physics; i.e. not a lot! Public Transport Experience 24 August
  • It's not often I actually seem to post about the local rail scene in and around the Plymouth area, but what better way to make a return to it than with this glorious locomotive. PTOTPA 25 August
  • The journey planner advised a bus from Molsheim to Manenheim (orange); then from Manenheim to Strasbourg (blue) then from Strasbourg to Boersch (orange) followed by a 3 kilometre walk to Rosheim. Hmm? And we think Traveline is grim! Public Transport Experience 26 August

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