12 June 2013

Little Red Buses

Most people see a red bus coming towards them will assume its a Citybus. They wont read any fleet names on the front or even look at the destination display. They will just see a red bus. I mean its foolproof isnt it? First 41731 X731HLF
I have only caught this one once but there were several passengers who thought it was a Citybus. This is presumably why the others were somewhat unexpected recipient's of the new First Bus livery.
Now if passengers think that bus is confusing then you wonder what they make of this one...
Jacketts L119YOD
Now this is clearly a Citybus. Except of course it isn't. Its now with Jacketts where it still makes occasional visits to Plymouth. Seen here 1st June on the X85.


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  1. The ex Citybus 119 is certainly racking up the mileage; two weeks ago I saw it on the A39 leaving Bude for Hartland and again yesterday on the 87 in Tavistock. The dead mileage this company (and Beacon Bus) run and the cost must be huge.

    1. Think of how much dead mileage is included in the Tesco Free Buses Citybus operate! Obviously they're funded by Tesco though it must cost Tesco a fortune! Take the TLM2 to West Alvington, that runs back dead to Milehouse, as do the Kingsbridge, Totnes, Newton Ferrers and Tavistock ones.

      The 127 and 128 school services to Tavistock in the afternoon now run back dead too - huge waste of fuel if you ask me, as are various other school workings though I'm going off topic now!

  2. Plymouth to Penzance on that would be a bit of a slog ;-)

  3. Yep, Jackett's X85 certainly got people complaining when Citybus had to explain they don't service Tavistock ("I just saw your bus go past..."). It'll be even worse when they try to use their Citybus tickets to get to Bovisand this year.

  4. Not really sure why First use such awful buses! Went on a red one last week, was really uncomfortable and was a shaky old bus. Why do we always get the rough end of the deal in this part of the world?!

  5. L119YOD and the other step entrance Darts were not the most comfortable of buses when working around Plymouth. Don't fancy doing Plymouth to Barnstaple along the twisting and undulating A386 on this bus - a journey that is bad enough in a car. Nice to see some of the old Plymouth Darts hard at work though!


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