10 June 2013

Heron loses her plumage

Thanks to James for supplying the first photo of a Tamarlink Trident 'defrocked':
First WA54OLO
©James Church
And as she was back in 2006...
First 32756 WA54OLO

Although its sad to see the loss of a separate brand for these routes, it has to be said that these buses are long overdue a repaint. I know there has been some discussion as to the choice of DEVON fleet name when they spend a fair amount of time in Cornwall but they are Devon based at the end of the day so it does make sense. It does also allow the buses to be used elsewhere without confusion over route branding.

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  1. How exactly are they Devon based, Torpoint Depot is clearly in Cornwall

    1. At the end of the day it doesn't matter a hoot whether the buses carry Devon, Kernow or Ferrybus names as long as they turn up on time and are reliable that is all your average punter will care about.

  2. why does the top part of the light magenta line not match up with the bottom one?

  3. Its actually part of the design as it forms an 'f' - the so called flying f of the First Logo. It only really works on the nearside of the bus though as on the offside the 'f' is reversed!

  4. Why remove the name Heron? Does this signify the end of the line at Torpoint for these buses? Or is this just a plain con job by FDC hoping to convince passengers that they have invested in new buses?

  5. Plain white First B7RLE reg. RKZ*** operating service 7 today. Frm Aircoach Ireland?


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