25 April 2013

Now there’s a coincidence!

First Devon & Cornwall

Our great-value service 1/1A which goes between Saltash and Plymouth is now even better value.
Weve reduced our already great fares even more from 28 April until 3 August 2013.

  • Adult single now only £2 (was £3.40)
  • Adult return now only £3 (was £3.70)
  • Child single now only £1.60 (was £2.70)
  • Child return now only £2.40 (was £2.95)

So not only is it the cheapest bus between Saltash and Plymouth, it also runs every 10 minutes, making it the most frequent.
Plus dont forget we run until 11pm! (half hourly service in evenings.) (First)

Plymouth Citybus

On Sunday 5th May, Plymouth Citybus will be implementing a service revision. Revised service to run every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday, operating from Plymouth to Latchbrook via St Stevens and Maybrook Drive

Its nice to see First fighting back against Citybus with these fare deals. It shows that they still have some fight in them. I do wonder about passengers at St Budeaux – will they end up paying more than those who travel all the way? I guess there is nothing to stop passengers asking for a £2 ticket to Saltash but getting off on this side of the bridge?

First 40037 S377SUX Plymouth Citybus 141 WA08LDU









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