07 March 2013

First changes explained

We now have the detail on First Devon & Cornwall’s next set of timetable changes at the end of March:

From Friday 29 March well be making some service changes, affecting Services 2, 4, 6, 15, 83, 84/86, X80, X81 and 93

  • Service 2 (Plymouth City Centre " Plymstock " Mount Batten)
  • Service 6 (Plymouth City Centre " Broadway " Staddiscombe)
  • Service 7 (Plymouth City Centre " Broadway " Elburton)

Specifically following the completion of the Plymouth City Council East End Network Improvement Scheme we are altering some of the times of journeys to and from the Plymstock area. Between them services 2, 6 and 7 continue to offer up to 13 journeys an hour between Plymstock and Plymouth City Centre!

  • Service 4 (Plymouth City Centre " Milehouse " Keyham)

In addition, we are making changes to Service 4 (Plymouth City Centre " Milehouse " Keyham). We are pleased to introduce two additional evening journeys from Plymouth City Centre departing Royal Parade at 18:55 and 19:25 Monday to Saturday. Service 4 continues to operate up to every 15 minutes during the day from Monday to Saturday and every 30 minutes on Sundays and public holidays.

  • Service 15 (Plymouth City Centre " Derriford Hospital " Estover/Mainstone)

We are pleased to announce were increasing the frequency between the City Centre and Derriford Hospital from every 20 minutes to every 15 minutes from Monday to Friday, while journeys between Derriford Hospital, Estover and Mainstone are being altered to run every 30 minutes.
In addition to this the route is also being changed slightly. Inbound journeys from Mainstone (heading towards the city centre) will no longer serve UCP Marjon however buses will still call at the college on outbound journeys towards Estover and Mainstone (Monday to Friday). Instead inbound buses will serve Leypark Walk (for Estover Health Centre) when operating between Mainstone and ASDA. The changes mean that during the peak period, service 15 buses will combine with Service 84 /86 buses to provide a bus every 10 minutes to Derriford from City Centre, Mutley Plain and Crownhill.
Finally, the Saturday timetable is being altered slightly. Buses will still run every 20 minutes but customers are advised to consult the new timetable for departure times across the route.

  • Service 83 Plymouth " Milehouse " Crownhill " Yelverton " Tavistock
  • Service 84/86 Plymouth " Mutley " Derriford Hospital " Yelverton " Tavistock

We're increasing the frequency of these services between Plymouth City Centre and Tavistock meaning they'll run every 20 minutes (was previously every 30) from Monday to Saturday during the daytime (off peak) from the end of March.
From the same date, some changes are being made to the route meaning that Woolwell, Derriford and Mutley will be served hourly by service 84 during the off peak, however at these times you will be able to use Service 15 for journeys between Derriford Hospital, Mutley and the City Centre.
Notably Services 84 and 86 and our Service 15 will now offer a combined 10 minute service between Derriford Hospital and Plymouth City Centre during the morning and afternoon peak period!

  • Service X80 Plymouth " Ivybridge " Totnes " Paignton " Torquay
  • Service X81 Dartmouth " Totnes " Paignton " Torquay

We are re-routing service X81 through Dartmouth to serve College Road, instead of Victoria Road. This change means that customers will need to catch buses from the Pontoon rather than in the centre of the town. Notably this change is being made in response to customer requests. In addition Service X81 is being rerouted slightly in Totnes to serve Totnes Rail Station forecourt. This is being trialed for six months - with the change made following request from local people. School day journey from Dartmouth to KEVICs will depart slightly earlier.

  • Service 93 Plymouth " Yealmpton Modbury - Kingsbridge – Dartmouth

The route that this service in Dartmouth and Averton Gifford is being altered slightly. In Dartmouth buses will serve College Road, instead of Victoria Road. This change means that customers will need to catch buses from the Pontoon rather than in the centre of the town. Notably this change is being made in response to customer requests. In addition, in Aveton Gifford, all service 93 buses will operate in the same direction travelling clockwise through the village (travelling in via Icy Park and out via the roundabout). This change is being made to prevent buses from meeting in the narrow parts of the village - an issue which can cause delays and raise safety issues.

Well the changes to the 15 are interesting. Its nice to see the service increasing back to every 15 mins for the Derriford – City section although I am on the wrong side of the service so loose out. I still occasionally catch the 15 to work in the morning so its good to see it no longer has to go past Derriford and then back track into the Marjon loop before finally getting into Derriford Hospital. This will be very welcome to passengers on this section of the route although the drop down to a 30 min frequency is a shame. The competition for the Derriford – City Centre corridor is certainly hotting up though.

Meanwhile the changes mentioned yesterday for Plymouth Citybus were only half the story – more details on these tomorrow!


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  1. Another VOSA application today for.a.route and timetable change on the 5/5A.


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