15 February 2013

Life After Plymouth WK02TYH

The recent month or so has seen a bit of a swap in fortunes between Plymouth & Weymouth with Plymouth getting Dennis Tridents and Weymouth getting some of our Volvo B6BLEs in their place. Speaking as someone who really dislikes the Volvos this has been good news for Plymouth. We still have more than our fair share of these buses but the extra Tridents are very much welcome.

Former Plymouth based 48272 is now in Weymouth where it was caught on camera by Ian Kirby:

First 42872 (WK 02 TYH)
8 February 2013 Weymouth
Creative Commons licensed flickr photo shared by Ian Kirby

I last captured this one back on the 23rd JanuaryFirst 48272 WK02TYH

So what do the fine people of Weymouth think of their buses at the moment?

A BUS company accused of running a poor service in Weymouth and Portland is under fire from angry passengers… Changes are being made to the timetable from March 24 which will see some route improvements while other communities will be cut off. Protest meetings are being planned.

But there is concern about the changes as well as the company’s ageing fleet of vehicles. One First driver told the Echo that morale at the Weymouth depot was low, amid rumours the company is selling its local bus division. Dorset Echo

That last sentence was being bandied about in Plymouth for quite while too…

Plymothian Transit Recommends

  • Having enjoyed some reasonable weather over the weekend the next three days of the holiday were disastrous with torrential rain, so typical of 2012. This forced the calling-off of a photo trip out to Plymouth and the South Hams, as well as more orthodox holiday delights. Finally the weather relented slightly on the Thursday, allowing a rather tentative trip down into Brixham then on to Torquay. Transport Illustrated
  • The modern deep-windowed bus is not the best fit for the traditional livery, but Rotherham depot's painter, Darren, deserves a large bag of toffees for his enthusiasm and effort. Words are inadequate to describe the skill and commitment of all concerned with this project. Public Transport Experience


  1. Agreed. The B6BLEs are a poor choice of bus to operate in and around a hilly city like Plymouth. I think the engines are underpowered and they're geared for flatter routes. Passengers sometimes comment it would be quicker to get out and push! More new(er) vehicles better suited to Devon and Cornwall roads are required if First want to be seen as committed to local services here.

  2. They're a poor choice to operate in Weymouth too, particularly the Portland route (on which the V-EFBs were allocated when new) and the Dorchester route which has seen them in recent years. The tail-backs caused by buses crawling away from Weymouth on their way into Dorchester had to be seen to be believed. I find it incredibly difficult to believe that an organisation the size of First had no interest/willingness/desire to move these dreadful buses off such routes and substitute them with Darts or something that can manage hills. Perhaps no other First subsidiaries would take them?

  3. Apologies that this is not relevant to the posting. I was told yesterday that the Plymouth Citybus travel centre is moving out of Debenhams at the end of this month. The new premises are a ground floor shop unit on Royal Parade between House of Fraser and Debenhams.

    1. This was advertised alongside their fare review. Should there be some page on this website where 'random' news/spottings etc we've seen could be posted as opposed to taking threads off topic? (This is not meant as a critisim/insult to you as I am guilty of this several times!)

      I guess having it located on Royal Parade on the ground floor will prove a much better move; being a much more convenient location.

    2. Thanks. Sorry I did not spot the travel centre announcement with the fares review (must have been distracted by the fares increase!). As you say will be so much more convenient being adjacent to most of their bus stops along Royal Parade.

  4. The new travel shop on Royal parade will open on March 1st at 1000. Watch local media and our website for further details and more information regarding the grand opening event


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